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Short copyright notice for all those that are interested to see whats ours and whats not.

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TERMINATOR THEME PARK ATTRACTIONS AROUND THE WORLD contains items of interest from lots of different sources. Though reproduced here, there is no copyright infringement intended. This is purely for the interest of fellow Terminator fans.

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Though basicly drawn up to protect our own interest and services, most content is copyrighted to lots of third parties. But there is still the means of telling everyone what can and can not be done. Read our full disclaimer here!

TERMINATOR THEME PARK ATTRACTIONS AROUND THE WORLD is a fan operated website dedicated to the TERMINATOR MOVIES and all related items. TERMINATOR, it's characters and all other related items are Copyright Warner Brothers Pictures and subsidiaries.

All editorial contents, graphics and visuals on this website (including all the pages situated on the main domain, subdirectories and/or subdomains) are copyrighted to TERMINATOR THEME PARK ATTRACTIONS AROUND THE WORLD, except where noted or visible apparent.

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Some of the elements on the website are developed by other parties. Provided as is, but changed to convenience the current website. These scripts and elements are provided as 'free-bee' or 'for non-commercial use'. Although some of the website content is there for promotional reasons, is a fan/personal based website with a non-commercial and non-profit attitude.

This is not a sale of any of the owner's rights. The website may be used only by you, and you may not rent, lend, sub-license or transfer the website or any data residing on it or any of your rights under this agreement to anyone else. You may not develop or derive for commercial sale any data in machine-readable or other form that incorporates or uses any substantial part of the website. You may not transfer to or store any data residing or exchanged over the website in any electronic network for use by more than one user unless you obtain prior written permission from TERMINATOR THEME PARK ATTRACTIONS AROUND THE WORLD.

Third parties
TERMINATOR THEME PARK ATTRACTIONS AROUND THE WORLD acknowledges it uses copyrighted material by third parties. In almost all cases these materials were made available through a personal or indirect agreement.

It could be the case that material is used in the general design, editorial content (visuals and graphics included) or internal and external coding, that is not used under a licensed and/or (in)direct agreement. In these cases we only 'took' the material to provide our users a more visual attractive design and appetising content. All visual apparent, original and/or derivative works of the material is copyrighted to their respective owners.

Either way, we hope we did not offend the original designer(s) and/or gave the appearance that the usage of these materials was for our own benefit.

The total content made available on the website (and other TERMINATOR THEME PARK ATTRACTIONS AROUND THE WORLD liated site and products) is for the benefit of the fans and -in a way- ...promotional/beneficial to the industry that has something to gain from the Terminator saga.

If any of the materials used in the website should be deleted and/or changed, or when you have any other questions concerning this website, please contact us.
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